Yandex Music Mod Apk

Yandex Music Mod Apk

Yandex Music Mod Apk — Listen And Download Music 2021.02.2

Discover what’s new and amazing in Yandex Music!

  1. Tens of millions of tracks
  2. Curated selections for any occasion
  3. Hot new albums and singles
  4. New personalized recommendations daily
  5. HQ sound
  6. Create and share playlists of your favorite tracks
  7. Play music with or without an internet connection
  8. Song Recognition

New releases

Be on topic with the most important new releases, selected by our editors.

Playlists of what’s new and hot

Listen to Premieres – new music, selected by a neural network according to your tastes, Hype – tracks that will be playing everywhere tomorrow, the most highly anticipated tracks in New This Month, and genre-specific playlists that collect the most iconic tracks of a given genre.

Smart playlists

Take advantage of a few hours of free music compiled for you with our smart playlists. Playlists are automatically improved according to your preferences.


An auto-updated list of the songs that Yandex Music users are listening to right now

Moods and genres

An updated section of curated selections: songs by style and year, tracks for different activities and moods, weekdays and celebrations.

Free Features

Massive music library

Hits, new releases, free access to selections — over 50 million tracks. Rock, pop, rap, jazz, R&B, electronic, classical, and world music.

Personalized music recommendations

We select music and tracks for you — for example, deep cuts and new releases in your favorite genres — and offer them up for your online listening pleasure. To make Yandex Music’s recommendations more relevant to your taste, log in with your Yandex account or with Facebook/VK.

Song Recognition

Find out what song is this, without Shazam. Just click on the microphone button in the app and let the Music play. The application will recognize what song is this and save it in a special playlist “Recognized”. Song recognition in Music is convenient, forget about Shazam!

Popular music selections

The app offers themed selections: soundtracks from TV series, classical music for studying, songs of the 80’s and the 90’s, for relaxation and for working out, road trip rock, electronic music for work, Russian rap — all free to play online.

Easy-to-use app

Create your own selections and playlists by adding tracks straight from the player. Select your favorite artists to get notified about their new releases. See song lyrics right in the app and sing along. Tracks that are already on your phone that turn out to be in Yandex Music’s library will be compiled in a separate playlist. Connect your Facebook or VK account and see what your friends are listening to.

Subscribe to listen offline, in HQ, with no ads

Download tracks to your phone and listens to music when you’re offline

Subscribe and get access to the entire Yandex Music catalog. Download tracks or whole albums to your phone and plays them any time, regardless of whether you have an internet connection.

High-quality sound

Hear the difference –turn on HQ mode. Play and download music at a higher bitrate.

No ads
Subscribe to get rid of ads in your app.

First month for free
Try Yandex Music with no risk – new users of the app get their first month of subscription access for free.

Download, play, enjoy!


!Let there be a podcast catalog!
We finally listened to and organized absolutely everything to make finding podcasts thousand times easier. Categories are based on interests: from casual conversation and business to popular science and hobbies.

Learn on the go with the Yandex.Music team


  • Languages: be, en, ru, uk
  • Platforms: arm7, x86
  • Plus subscription unlocked
  • Optimized the entire graphics, cut the starting promo video
  • PLUS unlocked: high quality, no ads, offline
  • Added the ability to rewind the track on the radio
  • The ability to rewind the track has been restored
  • Modification is untied from Google Services
  • Implemented root bypass check through Yandex Metric
  • Optimized manifest to improve performance and reduce energy consumption
  • Blocked collecting and sending analytics, thoroughly
  • Signature changed

Mod MP3:

Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format.
Using a new, test bypass at the entrance, if there are Yandex programs.


Yandex Music Mod Apk

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Yandex Music Mod Apk

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