MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Energy)

MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Energy)


Gather your team of heroes in the Marvel Strike Force to fight aliens to protect our green planet.

Introducing the Marvel Strike Force

Marvel lovers will experience the superhero world present on the Android platform. You will help the superheroes to save the world from invaders from outer space. Feel free to transform into a hero to participate in fierce battles.


Marvel Strike Force is an illusionary world developed by publisher FoxNext Games when an evil character Ultimus appeared to bring terrifying errors to the earth. Ultimus invades and destroys humanity’s blue earth, causing it to be corrupted in many places. Nexus gave Ultimus the right to invade and rule the earth of mankind.
At that time, the heroes had gathered to do everything to bring peace to humanity. With the talented commander Nick Fury – The man who carried out the STRIKE campaign to protect the earth from terrifying invaders.
In the game you will play the role of commanding your agents to perform tasks in the STRIKE campaign. First you need to collect agents to help you meet the challenges of the game. Gather powerful heroes to unite into a superhero army that brings a magical power against aliens.

Set up a superhero squad

Marvel Strike Force brings players all the heroes in Marvel with many familiar heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Venom, Deadpool, Loki, Thanos … Each hero has a unique power you need to know. You then gather the heroes into a superhero squad with the right positions to create the team with the greatest power. Don’t just focus on famous heroes. You need to create a balanced squad. Using characters with unique characteristics in Balaster, Brawler, controller, guardian, supporter to combine into a solid craft squad will help your battle easier.
In order to increase the power of the hero while fighting you need to upgrade the hero and equip them with the necessary skills. Then the power of the hero will be greatly increased. The trick is that if you frequently use a hero, that hero’s XP will increase, but you should use the heroes at the right time so they can increase the XP equally to make your squad more even.
To create excitement for the players you can also customize costumes for heroes as they battle. Choose the best and best costume when you command them to fight.

Game many attractive game modes

In Marvel Strike Force, players will participate in intuitive and interesting battles. With many attractive battle modes.
Campaign mode: In this mode, you are playing according to the story of the game. To play well this mode you need to use groups of heroes or villains to complete the mission. With characters fully unlocked.
Challenge mode: Every day Marvel Strike Force offers players many different challenges. You can collect a lot of resources every time you perform a challenge.
Arena mode: With an open play arena mode that allows players to fight against other players. In this mode, you need to give the right squad for both offense and defense.
Event mode: The game will give you quests to complete. With each mission is the battle with increasing difficulty. Especially some events that require lever, a difficulty for new players but when you win, you will receive many attractive rewards.
Blitz mode: Play mode allows players to participate in battles in a cave.
Alliance mode: In this mode, the player can participate in raids of the alliance. There are collaborative missions that you need to coordinate with alliance members to successfully carry out the mission.

Marvel Strike Force is designed with high graphics along with vivid visual effects that bring sharp images to create a sense of harmony for players. Therefore, the game requires a good configuration for your device.

About the Marvel Strike Force MOD version

You will experience the game completely free with unlocked modes. Especially you can unleash perform the translation service in the game as long as to help you win the match.


With compelling storylines and many modes of play Marvel Strike Force deserves to be a favorite role-playing game. Get ready with the brave heroes to protect our green planet from the destruction of aliens. Download the game and enjoy.


MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Energy) MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Energy) MARVEL Strike Force MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Energy)

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