Game Killer Mod APK

Game Killer Mod APK

Game Killer Mod APK 4.25 Free Download

Game Killer is an Android application that will help you to hack Offline android games coins, scores, money, gems, etc… It is one of the best applications out there to do such a thing.

Game Killer Apk is a free Android app that lets you use cheats and modify aspects of your favorite video games. It works by injecting code from the background while the game is running, letting you modify whatever values you want in the title in question.

Once the app is opened, it stays open on your device and is accessible from a semitransparent icon that you can place on any part of the screen. You can access Game Killer whenever you want and select the game from the list of running services.

From the built-in search feature, find the number that corresponds to the parameter you want to change. A good example is available lives. Once you’ve determined the position of the parameter you want to change, all you have to do is enter a new value and make the modification.

Game Killer Apk 2022 is a useful tool for gamers looking to use cheats while playing. (Keep in mind, though, that there is sometimes a risk of being banned.)

Game Killer App Key Features :

  • Search game worth with an exact number
  • Search game value with unclear directions, e.g. bigger or smaller
  • Lock the video game value to a repaired number
  • Save/Load the taken care of the list
  • Touch GameKiller sprite to bring up the device during gaming
  • HEX edit
  • Unload code
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Much more

What’s New in Game Killer iOS v4?

  • Android4.4 and above versions of the ROM portion of the suspension are no longer necessary to manually open the window;
  • Eight keeper device is activated, if the originally selected application does not quit, do not switch to a new application;
  • Click on the application icon and name on the main interface, you can select the application.


  • GameKiller will not work for online Games like Teen Patti and Hayday.
  • For using GameKiller you will need a Rooted android device.
  • If anything goes wrong mention us in the comments.

How to Install*Activate Game Killer Apk No Root?

  1. Download GameKiller Apk from the Links below.
  2. In settings allow downloading from unknown sources.
  3. Install it and run it.
  4. Done! Enjoy

How to Use Game Killer 4.25 Apk?

  • Open GameKiller then minimizes it.
  • Open the game where you want to have unlimited money, gems…
  • Look how many coins you have, open game killer and write the value you have seen, press the search button and AUTO IDENTIFY, now Game Killer will find many results, so you have to spend or play the game so that the coins change, then search the new value in Game Killer so that it find fewer results. Keep trying until it finds few or one result.
  • Now that you have the results click the results and change all the values and hit ok.
  • That’s all.


Game Killer Mod APK

Downloads Links:

GameKiller Mod Apk  | Mirror  (Size: 1.5 MB)

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